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Yesterday a really nice woman came into the shop to look around. She was quite pleasantly surprised that we do more than just sell these green products. This has been a common misconception,  and I want to clear it up.  “We do it all.” From design concept and working with subs all the way to completion. A concierage of sorts for you to have the best remodeling experience. She mentioned how she had some other contractors’ through to bid and how she felt like they were only speaking to her husband and not including her in the conversation. She felt sure that she would not get the result she wanted. Wow. That would be a real shame.  She came in with these experiences and was excited to hear that not only could we handle the design of her project, we would work with her and her husband to listen and hear the most important aspects that needed to be met.  All project management with our  trusted subs doing the work and all the while being very conscience of their budget constraints. Budgets are a big one. I am not one to convince you to spend more just for the sake of spending more. This is just the kind of juggling we do regularly. You start with a material you love.  Next we look at the materials you like for your expectations of what they can do. Will they be high maintenance or low, Is it important to you that they fit within “The Natural Step’s” 500 mile radius? What are the hot points for you?

All of these conversations happen before you sign the contract. We take the time to listen to what your goals are, whether they be resale or longevity to keep your house the way you want it for many, many years.

We plan ( with you)

We dream ( with you)

We estimate (with you)

We start ( with you)

We build (with you)

We get excited ( with you)

We complete the job ( with you)

We make a difference ( with you)



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We are honored to be a part of community project that is really great.

Coming soon…

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Growing up in the construction industry, being on jobsites with my Mom has taught me not to fear the changes and chaos that comes with a remodel. As was pointed out to me by a wise client however, that it’s not the same for everyone. Changes can be quite daunting, so much so that people don’t start even though they are painfully aware and wanting a change. I have become sensitive to that uncertainty in others and do my best to put them at ease. I hear things like,

“I know what I like and don’t like, but I am not sure how to get there.”

 “There are too many choices, I don’t know how to start.”

“It’s such a lot of work.”

“I don’t have any color sense at all.”

 The truth is, -This is supposed to be fun! Imagine having a place or a room in your home, that speaks to your soul, it is a reflection of you and your family and how you live? How would that feel? What would it be like to walk into your kitchen and smile everyday instead of grimacing over the cabinets or doors falling off the hinges. 

What if, we could make it fun?

My approach is to do just that. I listen to what you are wanting, what I hear you ask for time and time again. I come to your home and see what items mean something to you and why. I get to know you. When I make a home appointment I ask the person to provide me with three items in the home that speak to them. Whether it be an item of clothing or a piece of art, or artifact from one of their travels. Each one of us becomes attached and chooses to surround ourselves with those items. Then there are colors that you gravitate towards, earth tones, or bright tropical shades, you know what I mean. Durability, and expectations or maintenance of your surfaces are put into the equation. It is a process and it often takes time to come up with a plan you can be excited about. Planning and having a framework feels better that sitting still and wondering. Truth is, I love what I do. Spending time with people and helping them realize their dream spaces is a dream come true for me.

Even with countertops and tile or flooring chosen, you aren’t left on your own, I often can and will supply complimentary paint colors to finish the scheme. It’s a  service I am offering to clients, a whole experience, a plan and a change that is manageable. Do you see a new kitchen or bath in your future? In 2011? I would love to chat and brainstorm with you.

After all, you can’t get anywhere, standing still.

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What a great event to help the Hough foundation. You have to love Vancouver people for traveling from shop to shop in the pouring rain to taste local wines and beers for a charity. We are a great community. SO much fun that night as we hosted folks from the Laurelwood Brewery. Great libations indeed. We will be participating next year I am sure. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks everyone for making it such a great night!

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What a cozy area this is. The sense of community is astounding. In the three years since I have been here, I have met people of all types. What I find is that they are generally friendly and open. It’s nice when you get to be a part of a community of people who know you and you know them. I look forward to the going to the Vancouver Farmers market and also First Fridays ( Craft in the Village) events all summer long. The restaurants are small and homey. You know the wait staff by name and they remember your favorite dishes. The  business people on our  block have become family. Ecolution NW  shares the block with:

Bad Monkey bikes, sells and fixes old and new bikes, they offer skateboards, disc golf and snowboarding equipment.

Fit sisters,  is a haven for women, with a large gym area, equipment, and classes from Yoga to bellydancing. Chick flicks are stacked by the TV for round the clock viewing. Yep, work out when you want, it’s 24 hours!

 Beyond Bliss spa, offers skincare, massage, and rejuvenating services in a relaxed atmosphere. A really nice group of ladies.

The Fashionette, no website available. This is the place that sends you back in time, Where the little old ladies can still get their hair washed and set. Shari has her regulars whose husbands sit patiently waiting for their wives to get beautiful. She works from early morning just a few days a week and goes to Hawaii once a year, always coming back with goodies to share.

Arnada Naturals, is the new kid on the block. Chris the owner offers a wide selection of health foods, supplements and goodies. His knowledge of herbal treatments and homeopathic options always inspires. The Organic Chocolate covered bananas aren’t bad either 🙂

 Gala Gowns is the place to go for your formal wear needs. Need a gown or a pretty dress for a party, wedding or the PROM? You are guaranteed not to show up in the same dress as someone else this way. Great prices, and alterations are included with Vicky.

The  Broadway Station has postal boxes for your mail, shipping and faxing services with a kind shop owner named Lori. 

With benches in front of the shops, and helpful and fun people inside them, our block rocks! 

 In between 17th and McGloughlin on Broadway. Vancouver WA 98663