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Gorgeous green spaces are our specialty

Yesterday a really nice woman came into the shop to look around. She was quite pleasantly surprised that we do more than just sell these green products. This has been a common misconception,  and I want to clear it up.  “We do it all.” From design concept and working with subs all the way to completion. A concierage of sorts for you to have the best remodeling experience. She mentioned how she had some other contractors’ through to bid and how she felt like they were only speaking to her husband and not including her in the conversation. She felt sure that she would not get the result she wanted. Wow. That would be a real shame.  She came in with these experiences and was excited to hear that not only could we handle the design of her project, we would work with her and her husband to listen and hear the most important aspects that needed to be met.  All project management with our  trusted subs doing the work and all the while being very conscience of their budget constraints. Budgets are a big one. I am not one to convince you to spend more just for the sake of spending more. This is just the kind of juggling we do regularly. You start with a material you love.  Next we look at the materials you like for your expectations of what they can do. Will they be high maintenance or low, Is it important to you that they fit within “The Natural Step’s” 500 mile radius? What are the hot points for you?

All of these conversations happen before you sign the contract. We take the time to listen to what your goals are, whether they be resale or longevity to keep your house the way you want it for many, many years.

We plan ( with you)

We dream ( with you)

We estimate (with you)

We start ( with you)

We build (with you)

We get excited ( with you)

We complete the job ( with you)

We make a difference ( with you)



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