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Gorgeous green spaces are our specialty

What a cozy area this is. The sense of community is astounding. In the three years since I have been here, I have met people of all types. What I find is that they are generally friendly and open. It’s nice when you get to be a part of a community of people who know you and you know them. I look forward to the going to the Vancouver Farmers market and also First Fridays ( Craft in the Village) events all summer long. The restaurants are small and homey. You know the wait staff by name and they remember your favorite dishes. The  business people on our  block have become family. Ecolution NW  shares the block with:

Bad Monkey bikes, sells and fixes old and new bikes, they offer skateboards, disc golf and snowboarding equipment.

Fit sisters,  is a haven for women, with a large gym area, equipment, and classes from Yoga to bellydancing. Chick flicks are stacked by the TV for round the clock viewing. Yep, work out when you want, it’s 24 hours!

 Beyond Bliss spa, offers skincare, massage, and rejuvenating services in a relaxed atmosphere. A really nice group of ladies.

The Fashionette, no website available. This is the place that sends you back in time, Where the little old ladies can still get their hair washed and set. Shari has her regulars whose husbands sit patiently waiting for their wives to get beautiful. She works from early morning just a few days a week and goes to Hawaii once a year, always coming back with goodies to share.

Arnada Naturals, is the new kid on the block. Chris the owner offers a wide selection of health foods, supplements and goodies. His knowledge of herbal treatments and homeopathic options always inspires. The Organic Chocolate covered bananas aren’t bad either 🙂

 Gala Gowns is the place to go for your formal wear needs. Need a gown or a pretty dress for a party, wedding or the PROM? You are guaranteed not to show up in the same dress as someone else this way. Great prices, and alterations are included with Vicky.

The  Broadway Station has postal boxes for your mail, shipping and faxing services with a kind shop owner named Lori. 

With benches in front of the shops, and helpful and fun people inside them, our block rocks! 

 In between 17th and McGloughlin on Broadway. Vancouver WA 98663

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